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IBLoans - Rates and Terms of Business Loans !


How can it help my business?


An inflow of fresh capital will help you to buy the needed materials so that you can expand your business.


What will be the rate of interest of my loan?


When you receive the exact conditions for your loan, the interest rates of your loan would most likely be expressed as fixed costs instead of an annual percentage rate or an APR, which means that if you are taking a loan for $50 with a fixed cost of $10, you would have to repay $60


How much would I have to pay as fixed costs?


The fixed costs on your loan would depend on several factors like the kind of loan you have applied for and the information that you have provided on your application. Normally the fixed costs can be anywhere between 40 cents per dollar funded to 14 cents per dollar funded. And if you are taking a business line of credit, the fixed costs will be 13.5% to 1% for the first two months and a 1% fee will be charged after that.


What are the benefits?


    • In order to secure the loan you need not have any personal collateral
    • The process for getting the approval is pretty quick
    • The process of funding is lightning fast
    • You have a higher chance of getting approved when working with our network.



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Author : Mithi